I Have a Corner

I live on the top bunk this year and that means I have a corner. Two walls and a close ceiling.

On them, I have puttied picture of family, notes from people who love me, dear postcards, and a list of scriptural principles that my grandma typed up for me when I graduated high school. (Quite an ordeal, typing.) I have two teddy bears up here, a stuffed giraffe, pillows, a quilt, a blanket. My bible and day journal live here, but my computer is never invited. I’ll type this entry later.

I have always been a hider, I think, particularly in the past year or so, but I know more each day that “my giant follows me wherever I go.” So this corner is not so much for hiding as for being held. I do not have a literal cleft in the Rock of Ages, but I have a corner. I am exposed—fair game for the devil, but something safe and strong is round about me.

I have only had this corner as I know it since Sunday, but already I have come up multiple times for comfort. I don’t mostly look at the things on the walls—really I mostly look out the window down into the inner quad. I’m still “a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” It’s just that the sea is more peaceful from this particular view. And when I climb down again, it usually stays that way.

Here’s what I mean to say: I want to share my corner. I want to share it with everyone from my roommate, to the lady who cleans our bathroom, to the stranger who doesn’t know me from Adam. (Eve?) Do strangers ever read this blog? I hope so. Just come all the way up the stairs from the cafeteria to 390 West. (The door sticks, but push it open.) Top bunk. It doesn’t matter if I’m here. You can climb up, and cry or pray or laugh or sleep or read or write or just sit. I’ll crawl up and bring you tea if you’d like, or I’ll leave you alone if you think I’m weird. (However, I’m fairly proficient at hugs, if you’re into that sort of thing.) Also, my roommate’s name is Sarah. She’s friendly. So come.

In our first creative writing class of the semester, Dr. Potter read us the parable of the talents and talked about how all God requires of his servants is to do what we can with what He has given us. Well, He’s given me a corner.

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