Brief Thoughts on Amendment One

I am doing something I’ve never done before and will hopefully never do again: reeling you in with political sensationalism.

For those of you who either are not North Carolinians, or who have been living under a rock, my home state just passed an amendment to its constitution stating that marriage is between one man and one woman.  However, I don’t really have much interest in talking about the amendment per se, but in people’s response to it. They talk as if the passage of this amendment will utterly desecrate or rejuvenate civilization as we know it.

I think that you ought to care. I think that you ought to seek truth and vote. I believe that the law, in its place, is a very good thing. What I take issue with is people first reading then believing then perpetuating the idea that the outcome of this vote changes everything. Do not simply fall back on thinking in abstractions. That way lies madness. Laws do not change things. People change things by everyday acts of goodness and evil, and those people are changed by spiritual forces. The law cannot stop that. Do not pin your faith to the law.

The law neither saves nor destroys. It does not save because it cannot, and it does not destroy because, biblically, we do that ourselves by smashing our heads against it. God, in His grace, saves us from our own self-destruction. That’s how it works. The law is only a supporting character in the story, so wait on the Lord, live faithfully, and don’t have a cow.

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