I would like to take this opportunity to say something: On Friday, my sister will be twenty-one. That seems like an important number, and I’m sure it is for many people. But the real age of excellence for Mary and me will be twenty-seven. When she turns twenty-seven, that is when I will throw her a huge surprise party (not that she hasn’t gotten one anyway the past two years in a row…) and bust out champagne and not-the-caviar-cause-I’m-pretty-sure-she-would-hate-it.

Anyway, even though she’s only turning twenty-one, and that’s nbd(no big deal), I still want to honor her, because she is honestly wonderful. There are a lot of people who I can stop and think about, and say, “Wow, my life would be sort of lonely and sad without you in it…” But with Mary, I can’t say that, because I simply can’t imagine being without her. I shared a room with her for sixteen years, and, you know,  that’s longer than many marriages last. One of our favorite things to do together is reminisce. Here are some things to remember:

-the time we made that perfume for all the moms-the time we walked to the arboretum after dark-the time Wheezy married Emily- the time I gave you a tour of Davidson-goofy guy-the 500,000 times Peter quit Monopoly-the time we were singing in the rain and the car didn’t stop fast enough-Adam Nordaker-Sadie Hawkins Dance-“and my sister fell down so then there were only two of us”-time the String Beans did not light candles with the AF-the Protestant Reformation we all looked forward to so much- the time we walked down the whole creek in the greenway and there was a dead fish- the rainy day cd-the flower club-when everyone was in love with Paint-Unwritten-pantyhose- all those picture on our walls- Muzzy-the time you and your weird friend gave Rosie and me nasty water-Person-the guy who gave us the “vahse”-Creve!-when you read me your diary every night-the time I cleaned your desk for your birthday and just made a bigger mess-the time we made Mom and Dad a collage-ALL THOSE SCRAPBOOKS-Pushy Haddin and Grammy’s stuffed animals…

That was a poorly executed list, there were so many more things that happened, and there are also so many more things that will happen. Really. Now, a few more things I want to tell you, sister: “Mary, let’s LAUGH!” “Good job, little buddy, you sang your little heart out!” “Everybody over here says good night to everybody over there!”

I love you so much, and am thankful God has given you to me. You are kind, pretty, generous, and full of grace. I’m incredibly proud that you are my sister. And you’ll be my sister for always….


5 thoughts on “Mary

  1. AAHhahaa I was laughing so hard!!! “vahse”! the string beans! and my friend was not creepy. her name was mary. and…i don’t remember anything else about her except that she lived across Holden Rd from the place we went to preschool….hm.
    love you so much!! can’t wait until that 27th birthday =]

  2. oh. well i only remembered one thing about her then…
    and, i don’t like champagne. though hopefully i will by the time i’m 27!

  3. Sunlight Palace! Nealkins! Talking yourselves to sleep! Punchbuggy yellow! Tree of Death! Skateboard Church! Jelly Belly Factory! Grandma’s attic!



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